Enhancing Small Outdoor Spaces for Maximum Resale Value

Enhancing Small Outdoor Spaces for Maximum Resale Value

  • Guest written by Abigail Baker with Happy Writers, Co.
  • 01/1/21
Selling your home is an exciting opportunity that's full of possibilities for those putting their house on the market, and is the beginning of a new future for many. Even though countless homeowners would jump at the chance to maximize their real estate investments, they may overlook exterior modifications that can leave a lasting impression on potential home buyers. Adding outdoor changes to your home that add more curb appeal can be achieved through smaller DIY projects or through fully customized projects that require general contracting work. Whatever path that you decide to take, taking full inventory of your property's potential and mapping out a few areas that can spike your resale value will give you the awareness that you need to maximize the return on your investment. If you're unsure where to start, take a look at these often overlooked outdoor areas that will sparkle and shine with just a few modifications.

Garden Area Outdoor Seating

As you begin to survey your outdoor area, looking for places where you can add comfortable seating spaces that are nestled in gardens and plant life is an eye-popping addition that adds a mini escape to your home that visitors will enjoy experiencing. Seating areas can take many forms. Benches are easy additions to add, and other options could go as far as adding a full-blown gazebo or just upgrading to padded furniture. Cafe tables or lounging pods can also create a comfortable space that can be used as a solo quiet haven or used for family fun.

Fully Outfitted Patios

Making the decision to spruce up patios are usually an easy yes and can be somewhat simple to do. Depending on the current state of your deck, a bit of polish, some potted plants, new patio furniture, and a pergola may be all that's needed. If you have an older deck that needs to be completely redone, then the job does become more cumbersome but a necessary part of getting your home ready for future prospects. Outdoor patios can add a thirty to seventy percent return on investment to a home's resale value, so carving out the time to make sure this attractive outdoor area looks its absolute best is definitely worth the effort.

Stacked Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking in the great outdoors is an experience unlike any other, and having some of the best stainless steel appliances in the industry as cooking companions will make anyone feel like they could be the next Iron Chef. Outdoor kitchens are one of the most envied outdoor spaces in a home that can be the final spark needed to ignite a passionate attraction in a future home buyer. Making sure to include outdoor cooking, grilling, lounging, and a bar area to the space is the perfect combination of features that will allow hosts to throw effortless open-air gatherings that will impress attendees.

Glowing Firepits

Glamorous firepits or firetables that provide light, warmth, and an unforgettable ambiance add a special spark to outdoor spaces that make nights spent in the backyard much more special. Firepits are one of the more straightforward add-ons that homeowners can commit to, and there is quite a bit of flexibility in terms of architecture. Firepits can be effortlessly purchased individually and usually require a propane tank that attaches to the inside, depending on the model. Consulting a professional to oversee an installation, build from scratch, or ensure a DIY firepit's safety is recommended. But once this part of your outdoor area is up and running, making sure to have it on during tours is a wondrous attention grabber.


Using water as both a decorative expanse and a place that can be used to provide rejuvenation creates golden memories for those who choose to visit your home. Choosing the right water space to add to your home and eventually pass on to new homeowners is not an easy one, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Fountains add beauty to landscaping and are easy to care for. For homeowners looking for more of an interactive water experience, adding a swimming pool or spa is a unique addition that will allow people to enjoy the soothing surroundings that the essence of water landscaping provides.


No matter which outdoor escapade you choose to add to your home, adding as many outdoor recreation spaces as you can will give your home a leg-up on your competition. Outdoor spaces are and will continue to be one of the main attractions for buyers through the majority of 2021, and adding a few extra outdoor bells and whistles could make or break a sale. If your house is located in a part of the country that is fortunate to have good weather year-round, a curated collection of private outdoor experiences becomes a must-have.

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