In the United States, over half of all families own a pet, mostly a dog or a cat. Of the 62% of the population who own a pet, almost all consider their pets a family member, and over half consider their pet equal to a human family member. This strong connection to our pets often leads us to bring them everywhere — including our favorite restaurants. When a resident of Pebble Beach enjoys a relaxing beverage or meal at a serene waterfront restaurant, they also want their furry family member there to enjoy it with them.
Fortunately, the restaurant owners in Pebble Beach and surrounding areas recognize this need and do their best to accommodate their human and canine customers.

Why dog lovers choose Pebble Beach

It stands to reason that the pet lovers of Pebble Beach also appreciate the wonders of nature. Residents of Pebble Beach not only get to enjoy exhilarating activities, but they also get to share most of their adventures with their furry family members in Pebble Beach and surrounding areas.
Not only is your dog welcome on the 17-Mile Drive, but endless beaches and trails claim a pet-friendly status. Dogs may even accompany their owners to whale-watching activities and wine tastings! Pet-friendly Joyce Wine Company of Monterey may not serve your pooch a flight, but they may enjoy the atmosphere with you.
And, of course, there are countless dog parks and open spaces in Monterey County that dogs and their owners enjoy.

Pebble Beach restaurants that welcome your dog

Participating in outdoor sports and water activities while enjoying the scenic backdrop of Monterey County with your pet represents a huge perk for those living in Pebble Beach. But what about when it's time to relax with a glass of wine or even a savory dinner? Of course, you don't want to leave your furry family member at home. Fortunately, Pebble Beach and nearby areas offer many restaurants that welcome your dog in their lovely patio areas, many of which offer water views. Take a look at some of the best dog friendly restaurants in Pebble Beach:

1. Stillwater Bar and Grill

There's no better place for those who enjoy golf, beautiful scenery, and scrumptious cuisine than Stillwater Bar and Grill. With a serene water view situated on the 18th hole on Stillwater Cove, this restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also offer a fabulous brunch if you're there on a Sunday. The menu features perfectly prepared sustainable seafood and organic and locally grown produce.
If you enjoy your California-crafted seafood at an outdoor table, your pup may join you if they remain on a leash. Service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners for indoor and outdoor dining.

2. The Inn at Spanish Bay

If you want to be between stunning views of Pebble Beach Golf Links and the Pacific Ocean, you can't go wrong with the dining options at The Inn at Spanish Bay. This award-winning collection of restaurants also offers several outdoor options that welcome your dog.
Sticks Sports Bar's patio is a bit quieter than the fan action going on inside, but they serve the same refreshing cocktails and bar fare with a contemporary twist. They even feature a firepit for comfortable dining when the thermometer dips.
Traps also provides outdoor dining, but if you're looking for something more upscale, the Lobby Lounge serves Hawaiian-fusion dishes and hand-crafted cocktails in their patio area.

3. Roy's Pacific Rim

Also located on the 17-Mile Drive is Roy's Pacific Rim, where you'll enjoy delicious fresh fish, sushi rolls, and the California Lobster Roll. They also offer steak and chicken dishes if you're not in the mood for seafood. Of course, they also carry a great selection of beer, wine, sake, and signature cocktails. But perhaps the best part of this culinary gem for dog lovers is that seven outdoor tables are designated pet friendly.

4. The Bench

Perched above the 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Bench at The Lodge at Pebble Beach offers decadent California cuisine with a view, which often includes a variety of fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and classic American dishes. Their menu typically features items like grilled steaks, fresh salads, seafood, sandwiches, and more. They also have a great selection of wines and cocktails to complement your meal. Pebble Beach Golf Links and the surrounding area are known for their stunning coastal views and natural beauty, which can be enjoyable for both people and pets. 

Living in Pebble Beach

The unincorporated community of Pebble Beach started in 1836 as part of the Rancho Pescadero Mexican land grant awarded to Fabian Barreto. Approximately 4,500 people call the small coastal community of Pebble Beach home.
Though the population of Pebble Beach remains relatively small, it's part of Monterey County, providing residents with a plethora of sports, nature, and cultural activities throughout the county.
Whether you're looking at homes for sale in Pebble Beach, Calif., or considering a Pebble Beach home for rent, you'll find Pebble Beach welcoming to you and your pets.

We can help

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