If you find that your love for fine wine is causing an overflow of bottles scattered about your home, you just might be a collector. Take a moment to congratulate yourself on joining the ranks of famous collectors such as Michel-Jack Chasseuil, who has collected over 40,000 bottles of wine that honor French heritage. Wine is a celebration of life and collectors agree that opening a bottle of '61 Petrus or a '61 Mouton-Rothschild is an experience you’ll never forget. 
Curating and preserving a balanced collection of wine requires storing both everyday items or fine wine collections correctly, and a wine cellar is an investment that will even boost the value of your home. Here are three more reasons why adding a wine cellar to your Monterey home is an added benefit.
A Private Wine Cellar Will Enhance Your Collector's IQ
Wine collectors across the globe use privately curated wine rooms to help increase their knowledge of fine wine, preserve unique blends that are native to a specific area, formulate a particular wine collection that resonates with the collector, or simply entertain guests. The process of curating a balanced wine collection requires dedication, and some collectors enjoy digging into the history of every bottle. 
From discovering the hillside where grapes were gathered for a specific wine to knowing the weather patterns at the time of harvest can be part of the storytelling component that collecting wine delivers. 
The body of knowledge and history that encapsulates wine is a journey in itself. Sipping the perfect glass of wine allows for one to travel to untouched destinations. For instance, the 1901 D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira was crafted by a legendary Portuguese wine producer that is owned by three brothers who are the fifth generation in the D'Oliveira line to produce fine wine. 
Remarkably enough, D'Oliveira has managed to preserve one of the largest collections of cask-aged old vintage wines since the company was founded in 1801. The D'Oliveira legacy is just one of many examples of heritage, honor, and immensely rich flavor that prominent collectors across the world experience.  
Carmel-by-the-Sea is the Perfect Place to Curate Your Collection
Monterey wine country contains one of the most epic vineyards in the world. Apart from the beauty of the region, the ancient soils that host renowned vineyards are the perfect canvas for winemakers and collectors. The history of premier wine in this area dates back to the first vines that took root in 1771. After a century of cultivation, Monterey county grew to be one of the world's top 10 best wine destinations since commercial wine production began in 1920.
Wine from Monterey has unique qualities that collectors can't get enough of. Robust varietal flavors capture the true essence of the grapes that thrive in this picture-perfect climate. The trifecta of excellence is complete when you factor in the land quality and the traditional growing methods adopted by growers and winemakers. 
Your Wine Will Actually Taste Better When Stored Properly
The natural evolution of collecting wines properly ultimately leads to creating a space to care for both rare bottles and everyday blends alike. Storing wine in a climate-controlled space can draw out complex flavors, and different aromas as wines continue to mature. Proper storage also protects wine from elements such as vibration, which can alter both the flavor and aroma of a wine. Other harmful elements include temperature (45-65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), humidity, direct sunlight, and potential theft. 
As your wine collection grows, you'll want to store wines in an organized fashion and in a way that will take your guests' breath away. A mixture of security, protection from the elements, style, and a place to reflect and take notes about your wine selection is an ideal atmosphere for a beloved collection. 
A wine collection doesn't have to be frivolous by any means. In fact, storing wine correctly helps collectors to pivot quickly if they decide to distribute high-end bottles to other collectors or distributors. Wine cellars also don't have to be crafted just for wine. Creating a social area outfitted for wine tasting will allow you to share your experience and wine stories with friends, family, or colleagues.
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